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Dr. Jarrell works on the entire Discovery Channel Cycling Team and members of Toyota United during the 2007 Tour of California. SRA and the Tour of California

Nov 7 2006 Press Release New Scientific Approach Is Already Boosting Wanderers Stars Dr. Jarrell works on English Premiere League Bolton Wanderers Football Club

New! Tom Danielson talks about Dr. Frank and SRA in this excerpt from the Feature Article "Tom Danielson," in ProCycling Magazine, by Ellis Bacon. Read the excerpt here.

What do an ultrarunner, an Olympic mountain biker, a USPRO road racing champion and the 2005 Tour de Georgia winner have in common?
They're all SRA Athletes of Dr. Frank Jarrell. Read the Article by Aaron Unterreiner Here

Dr. Frank Jarrell, SRA and the Tour de Georgia 2005! Read the Press Release Here

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Colorado Chiropractor treats Pro- Cyclists at Tour de Georgia - April 30, 2005

Frank Jarrell, DC, SRA-SPS/HCS, of Durango, Colorado recently returned from the 2005 Dodge Tour of Georgia. As an SRA-Sports Performance Specialist, Dr. Jarrell provided Spinal Reflex Analysis (SRA) procedures to various pro-cyclists to evaluate inter-stage race recovery and overall gains in net performance.

The Tour de Georgia is an important international event for professional road cycling. It is a six-day stage race and is the only one of its’ kind that attracts would class cycling teams to the United States.

The initial pro-cyclist volunteers for this SRA trial application at the Tour of Georgia included
Chris Wherry of HealthNet, Jeremy Powers of Jelly Belly and Andy Guptill for the US National Team. An additional seven cyclists were treated impromptu during the race. They included Benjamin Brooks of Jelly Belly, Gordon Fraser of HealthNet, and five members of the Discovery Channel Team.

Johan Bruyneel, Directeur Sportif of the Discovery Channel Team, approved SRA work for Antonio Cruz, Michael Barry, Jason McCartney, and Tom Danielson on day three, and Lance Armstrong on day four of the race.

The Discovery Channel Team won first overall during the fifth stage break-away with Tom Danielson finishing first and team leader Lance Armstrong in third position as support.

"The Discovery strategy was brilliant and an absolute thrill to watch. The excitement of seeing and working with all of these phenomenal athletes was one step beyond amazing, and all
SRA procedures utilized during the race held up flawlessly."

Dr. Jarrell expresses his "immense gratitude to all of the various team cyclists, directors, and team physicians for the opportunity to bring SRA non-pharmaceutical performance enhancement procedures to the field of cycling for evaluation under these extreme race conditions."

A special thanks to Tom Danielson for his assistance and his unique position as a motivator, role model and an incredible racer, and to Lance Armstrong, Tom’s mentor and a person of whom I have immense respect for, both as a racer and as a humanitarian, and to Johan Bruyneel for trusting me with his guys in the middle of a very important race."

Dr. Jarrell will also travel to Italy in May to provide additional SRA Performance therapy to Tom Danielson of the Discovery Channel Team during the Giro de Italia 21 day stage race.

SRA is the culmination of years of clinical application, field experience and formal research into the effects of the axial spinal reflex on health and performance.

Dr. Jarrell and co-researchers Wayne Barger, ATC, Luke Angle, ATC, PT and Robert Culver, MES, CMT recently completed a second successful year of research on "The Affects of SRA on Athletic Performance Enhancement" at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. The latest study was a double-blind, randomized, cross-over format and included cross gender and multi-sport evaluation.

SRA is a neurology based diagnostic and treatment protocol utilizing chiropractic, soft tissue and physical therapy treatment techniques. For additional information on SRA for health care and sports performance, visit or contact Dr. Frank Jarrell at Durango Walk-In Chiropractic, P.C. 1-970-259-2022.

Dr. Frank Jarrell
1401 Main Ave. Ste. B
Durango, CO 81301

L. Frank Jarrell, D.C. is Founder and Developer of Spinal Reflex Analysis and Spinal Reflex Institute, Intl. and is a leading researcher and speaker on the effects of the Axial Spinal Reflex.

SRA for Physical Medicine is taught throughout the US, Australia, and Europe through Spinal Reflex Institute, Intl. SRA Courses are certified Category A NCBTMB, Florida and Texas for Massage Therapy (MT), Board of Certification (BOC) for Certified Athletic Training (ATC), Physical Therapy (PT), and Nursing (LPN, RN), and is Co-sponsored by National University for Health Sciences for Chiropractic (DC).

To contact Dr. Frank Jarrell, visit the SRA web site at, or call 1-877-259-5520.